Brunch ( everyday until 3pm )

Breakfast Mac | Gouda mac and cheese, poached egg,  hollandaise, topped with bacon bits, cornbread croutons, and green onion

Brisket Hash & Eggs Your Way | Cornbread, brisket hash,  topped with eggs your way, bbq hollandaise, and green onions

Big Tex Burrito | Flour tortilla stuffed with brisket hash, eggs, peppers, onions, and monterey jack cheese,  topped with salsa verde and pico de gallo

Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit | Fluffy biscuit topped with honey butter with bacon jam and fried chicken tossed in our hot honey sauce
Add eggs for $2.00

Sausage Gravy | Homemade sausage gravy over our  jalapeño cornbread, or biscuits
Add eggs for $2.00 

Kreggers Sandwich | Fried egg with cheddar cheese, tomato, bacon, and lettuce on texas toast, or a biscuit

Panchilada | Fluffy pancake stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage with a side of our maple bourbon syrup
Add cheese $1

Bowl of Goodness | Home fries, scrambled eggs, and colby jack
Add bacon, sausage, ham, or turkey $3
Add brisket or pork $5
Add Steak $6
Add avocado $2
Add on Sausage Gravy for $3

Kreggers Omelet | Fried sprouts, peppers, onions, diced tomato, pimento cheese topped with green onion

Avocado Smear | Avocado smear, tomato, mango pico de gallo, cojita cheese, on dark rye bread
Add eggs $2

Western Omelet | Eggs, black olives, mango pico de gallo, & sausage topped with pepper jack cheese & avocado smear

Chicken and Waffles | Fried chicken tenders between two fluffy waffles with bacon jam, drizzled maple bourbon syrup, and topped with powdered sugar

Breakfast Tacos | Flour tortillas, jack cheese, sausage, home fries, scrambled eggs, mango pico

Buffet Burger | Seasoned burger pink or no pink, topped with ham, sausage, bacon, home fries, sunny side up egg, and cheddar cheese
Add on Sausage Gravy for $2

Fried Green Benny | Fried green tomatoes topped with pimento cheese, poached eggs and hollandaise topped with green onion

Kreggers Benny | Jalapeno cornbread, sausage, bacon, ham, or turkey poached egg, and hollandaise, topped with green onion
Add pork, brisket, or jackfruit for $3.00

Ham & Cheese Omelet | Ham, cream cheese, diced tomato, and mushrooms topped with hollandaise and green onion

Breakfast Nachos | Home fries, sausage gravy, colby jack, mango pico, jalapenos, avocado and sour cream

Steak and Eggs | 8oz Flat iron steak cooked pink or no pink with two eggs your way and a side

Crab Cake Benny | Crab cakes topped with a poached egg, and hollandaise with green onion

**cooked to order, consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry or seafood may increase your risk of food-borne illness espelcally if you have certain medical conditions**


Home-Fries | $3.00

Grit Cake | $3.00

Brisket Hash | $5.00

Fruit |$3.00


Pimento and Crab Dip | Signature pimento cheese with lump crab served with spicy chips

Tenderloin Cheese Steak | Steak tenderloin, provolone cheese, sauteed peppers and onions, avocado horseradish sauce, hoagie, and your choice of side.
Add Shrooms for $1.00

Muffuletta | Salami, ham. olive tampenade, provolone cheese on muffuletta bread,  with your choice of side
Whole $20.00 – Half $12.00

Jerk Chicken Cheese Steak | Jerk Chicken, pepper jack cheese, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, and cilantro lime cream, on a hoagie with your choice of side

Krabbie Pattie | Crabcake, pepper jack cheese, spring mix, tomato, bacon, and remoulade sauce, on a brioche bun with your choice of side

Shrimp, Sausage Grit Cakes | Fried grit cakes topped with andouille sausage, sauteed shrimp, and our Kajun cream sauce

Lunch Specials ( Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm)

Smoked Wings | Texas, jerk, sriracha, buffalo hot, buffalo mild, hot honey, bourbon country BBQ. Served with blue cheese or ranch and celery.

Baja Chicken Tacos | 2 tacos flour or corn tortilla with monterey jack, jicama slaw, mango pico, cilantro lime crema & choice of side

Texas Brisket Tacos | 2 tacos flour or corn tortilla with monterey jack, spanish onions, poblano peppers, mango pico & choice of side

TBM | Smoked turkey, apple cider bacon, muenster, tomato, orange marmalade, dark rye & choice of side
Add Avocado $2.00

Whistle Stop | Fried green tomato, apple cider bacon, lettuce,
remoulade, dark rye & choice of side
Add Avocado $2.00

4 Tenders and a side |Spiced and lightly battered with choice of side
and honey mustard

Classic Burger | Pink or no pink beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, Kreggers sauce & choice of side


Smoked Wings | Texas rub , jerk rub , sriracha rub, buffalo hot, buffalo mild, hot honey, bourbon country BBQ, habanero BBQ. Serve with blue cheese or ranch and celery.
$13.00 for 8 – $18.00 for 12

Fried Gator | Battered, fried, with remoulade or ranch.

Pig & Peppers |Grilled jalapeños stuffed with spicy cream cheese, wrapped in apple cider bacon, raspberry sauce

Empanadas | Mix-n-match black bean, pimento jack cheese, or buffalo chicken and house ranch.

Fried Brussels | Tossed in bacon jam topped with parmesan with house ranch

Potachos |  Signature spicy chips topped with colby jack, kreggers mango pico, jalapeños, black olives, black beans, and cilantro lime crema
$11.00 – 1/2 order $6.00
Add chicken $5 – 1/2 $3.00
Add pork, jackfruit, brisket $5 – 1/2 $3.00
Add whole avocado $3

Chips & Pimento | Signature spicy chips with house made pimento cheese

Chips & Buffalo Chicken Dip | Signature spicy chips with house made buffalo chicken dip

Cheese Fries | Colby jack, apple cider bacon, green onion, jalapeños, house ranch.

Kreggers Que’d Up Fries | Choice of brisket or pork, colby jack cheese, bourbon county bbq, green onion

Seafood Fries | Seasoned fries topped with blackening seasoning, cheese sauce, crab OR shrimp, jicama slaw and remoulade

Great American Fries | Seasoned fries topped with kajun seasoning, colby jack, ground beef, bacon bits, picklin’, and kreggers sauce

Buffalo Chicken Fries | Seasoned fries, cajun seasoning, buffalo chicken dip, bleu cheese crumbles, mild buffalo, green onions

Truffle Fries | Seasoned fries, truffle salt, cheese sauce, bacon bits, sunny side up eggs, green onions

Fried Green Tomatoes | Topped with corn salsa, honey lime, and sprinkled with cojita

Popcorn | pick your flavor: texas rub, jerk rub, sriracha rub, spicy chip, or melted butter


The following salads are made with spring mix.

Flat Iron Salad | 8oz flat iron cooked pink or no pink. red onion, blue agave sriracha onion straws, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Southwest | Choose chicken, or jackfruit. mango pico, sliced avocado, black olives, jalapeños, colby jack, pepitas, and honey lime dressing.

Shrimp-A-Cado | Grilled shrimp, mango pico, sliced avocado, cilantro lime crema.

Brisket Salad | Texas brisket, or jackfruit, tomato, red onion, jicama slaw, colby jack, and house ranch.

Big Salad | Spring mix, tomatoes, onions, colby jack, jalapenos, green beans, cucumbers, and bacon bits

**Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have medical conditions.**


Choice of Side

Kuban | Mojo pork, apple wood smoked ham, sweet spicy mustard, swiss, and  picklin’ on a hoagie.

Sofro Chicken | Breaded and battered, with up bacon jam, bleu cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato, and picklin’ on a brioche bun.
Add: hot or mild buffalo 70 ¢

Big Fish | Fried, blackened, or grilled cat fish, topped with jicama slaw, tomato, and habanero aioli on a brioche bun.

Mac Daddy | Mojo pork, texas brisket, or fried chicken topped with mac and cheese, blue agave sriracha fried onions, bourbon county BBQ,  on texas toast.

Klub | Smoked turkey, swiss, smoked ham, cheddar, apple cider bacon, lettuce, tomato, and habanero aioli on texas toast.

TBM | Smoked turkey, apple cider bacon, muenster, tomato, orange marmalade, on dark rye.
Add: Avocado $2

BBQ | Texas brisket, mojo pork, or jack-fruit, topped with  jicama slaw and  bourbon county BBQ, on texas toast.

Whistle Stop | Fried green tomato, apple cider bacon, lettuce,  and remoulade on dark rye.
Add: Avocado $2, pimento cheese $2

Swamp Thang | Smoked ham, fried gator, picklin’, pepper jack, and remoulade on a hoagie.


Choice of Side
Protein Options:
Certified Angus Beef – Blackend, Jerk, or Seasoned Grilled Chicken – Black Bean Patty – Beyond Burger $4.00
Add on’s : Patty $6.00,  Bacon $3.00, Avocado $2.00, Shrooms $1.00 Gluten Free Bun $1.00

Classic | Cheddar, spring mix, tomato, red onion, and  kreggers sauce.

BLT & C | Pimento jack cheese, fried green tomato, apple cider bacon,, spring mix, and remoulade.

Truffler | Sautéed mushrooms and onions, truffle spice, swiss cheese, and habanero aioli.

Wrangler | Cheddar, texas brisket, bourbon county BBQ, sautéed jalapeños, on texas toast.

Red Eye | Pepper jack, apple cider bacon, sautéed jalapeños, sunny side egg, and  blue agave sriracha.

Cado | Monterey jack cheese, avocado, mango pico, and cilantro lime crema.

B & B | Cracked black pepper, bleu cheese dressing, bleu agave sriracha fried onion, and apple cider bacon,

PB & J | Jalapeño grape jelly, creamy peanut butter,  and cheddar cheese.
Add bacon $3


**Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have medical conditions.**


Choice of Side
Choice of flour or corn tortilla
Add avocado $2

Pick your style:

Baja – Monterrey jack, jicama slaw, mango pico, cilantro lime crema or remoulade.
Texas – Monterey jack, Spanish onions, poblano peppers, kreggers mango pico.

Pick your Protein:

Shrimp | $15.00
Fish | $15.00
Brisket | $15.00
Pork | $15.00
Chicken | $14.00
Black Bean | $12.00

Chicken Tinga | Monterey jack, jicama slaw, jicama slaw, corn salsa, and honey lime.

Jerk Chicken | Cotija, mango pico, corn salsa, and habanero aioli.

Smoked Jack-Fruit | Vegan. Vegan cheddar, smoked jack-fruit, jicama slaw, mango pico, and avocado ranch crema.

Brussels Sprouts | Monterey jack, fried sprouts, mango pico, corn salsa, and avocado ranch crema.

Signature Dishes

Chicken Tenders | Jumbo tenders spiced and lightly battered with choice of two sides and honey mustard.

Flat Iron Steak | 8oz flat iron cooked pink or no pink with choice of two sides. 
Add sauteed peppers and onions $2 shrooms $1

Jerk Chicken | Two six ounces Caribbean spiced breasts, kreggers mango pico, cilantro lime rice and black beans.

Gator Basket |battered, fried, with fries and a side of remoulade.

**Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have medical conditions.**

Kids’ Menu

Choice of Side & Drink

Kid Burger |Cooked no pink
Add Cheese $1.00

Grilled Cheese

Tenders | 3 tenders with a side

Mac n Cheese | Smoked Gouda 

Tacos | Two tacos with a choice of chicken, brisket, or black beans with cheese

Nightingale Cookie Monster | Home made cookie ice cream sandwich filled with cookies n cream ice cream

Nightingale Seasonal Flavors | Ask your server for our current flavor!

Livvies Fritties | Stuffed pastry with apple cinnamon and caramel with vanilla bean ice cream

 Vegan Cake | Chocolate peanut butter with salted caramel



Seasoned Fries | $3.00

Side Salad | $4.00
+$1 as an entree side

Mac n Cheese | $3.00

Jalapeño Cornbread & Honey Butter | $3.00

Jack’d Up Sprouts | $4.00
+$1 as an entree side

Fried Green Beans | $3.00

Black Beans & Cilantro Lime Rice | $3.00

Jicama Slaw | $3.00

Spiced Chips | $3.00

Corn Salsa | $3.00

Brisket Hash | $5.00

Fresh Fruit | $3.00

Brunch Cocktails

Brunch cocktails available until 3PM

Mimosa flight | $12.00
perfect to try all of our in-house made flavors

Mimosa carafe | $7.00
17oz carafe – OJ, pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit.
Add $4 for a signature flavor! Peach, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry

The Wake Up | $12.00
Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, jameson cold brew, and PBR hard coffee topped with whipped cream and caramel

Brunch- tini | $9.00
Virago gin, blue curacao, orange marmalade, freshly squeezed lemon juice, topped with soda water

Virginia bloody | $8.00
Honey habanero moonshine, texas beach, picklin’ juice, olive juice

Colossal Bloody | $11.00
Absolut vodka, texas beach, picklin’ juice, olive juice, garnished with a skewer filled with cheese, olives, a chicken tender OR a pig n’ pepper, shrimp, and all the bloody fixins’

Breakfast shot| $8.00
Jameson, butterscotch schnapps with oj on the side

Feature Cocktials

Eggnog Tini | $8.00
Fulton harvest pumpkin pie, Bacardi, almond milk, and honey

Spiced Paloma | $8.00
Altos Plata, deep eddy cranberry, grapefruit, and a splash of simple syrup topped with allspice

The Nutty Russian | $8.00
Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Smirnoff vodka, jameson cold brew, and half n half garnished with mini reese cups

Hot Chai Toddy | $8.00
Jim beam, lemon juice, honey, chai tea, with a cinamon stick

Tipsy Rudolph | $8.00
Absolut citron, cranberry juice, lemon, simple, and prosecco topped with cranberries

Chai Old Fashioned | $8.00
Chai infused bourbon, simple, aromatic bitters, and muddled orange

Passion-Pina Mule | $8.00
Cirrus Jala-Piña Vodka, passionfruit, lime, mint, and gingerbeer 

Espresso Martini | $8.00
Vodka, rumchata, kahula, and coffee

Craft Cocktails

Pisco sour | $10.00
Pisco, fresh squeezedlemon juice, simple, egg white

Negroni | $9.00
strange-monkey gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange peel

Old Fashioned | $8.00
jim beam, simple, chili lime bitters

Maker N’ Razz | $9.00
maker’s mark, raspberry syrup, simple, mint, and lime

Rumchata Colada | $8.00
rumchata, castillo rum, pineapple juice, sour mix

Bourbon Smash | $8.00
jim beam, orange slice, chili lime bitters, fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice, bourbon maple syrup, splash of soda water

Kentucky Peach | $10.00
jim beam, peach schnapps, peach syrup, lemonade, simple

Hawaiian Tea| $8.00
smithworks vodka, castillo rum, new amsterdam gin, triple sec, pineapple juice, sour mix

Strawberry Basil Lemonade | $8.00
smithworks vodka, strawberry syrup, basil, lemonda, splash of soda

Little Havana Mojito | $8.00
bacardi, simple syrup, lime wedges, mine leaves, splash of soda
regular, raspberry, blackberry, or strawberry

Watermelon-Jalapeno Lemonade | $8
smithworks vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, sliced jalapeno, simple, watermelon pucker

Berry Fizz |$8.00
viargo gin, blackberry syrup, sour mix, lime wedges, splash of soda water

Hurricane |$9.00
bacardi, dark rum, passion-fruit, OJ, craft grenadine


House margarita | $7.00
lunazul, triple sec, house sour

Strawberry jalapeno | $8.00
jalapeno infused altos resposado, cointreau, strawberry, house sour

Peach | $9.00
altos reposado, grand marnier, peach syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice, lime

Blood Orange | $9.00
altos resposado, blood orange moonshine, house sour, triple sec, fresh squeezed orange juice


Moscow Mule | $7.00
local cirrus vodka, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime, mint

Raspberry Mule | $8.00
absolut raspberry, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime, mint

Blood Orange | $8.00
belle isle blood orange moonshine, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime, mint

Honey Habanero | $8.00
belle isle honey habanero moonshine, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime juice, mint

Grapefruit | $8.00
belle isle grapefruit moonshine, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime juice, mint

Wine On Tap


Puro Blanco Pinot Grigio | Glass $7.00 | Carafe $23
pleasant, crisp, fruity, dry and full bodied

Liar chardonnay | Glass $8 | Carafe $27
2014 napa valley. caramel, tropical with hints of fruit and warm oak tones

Frizzenti Vino Frizzante | Glass $6 | Carafe $20
vento – a young and light sparkling wine

Hei Matau Sauvignon Blanc | Glass $9 | Carafe $31
New Zealand | honeysuckle, lemon grass, and fresh ginger notes mingle with grape and pear


La Vite Montepulciano | Glass $7 | Carafe $23
2014- vento- well balanced, beautifully bodied and dry. Properly tannic with hintes of licorice and a delicate after taste of almond

Coast and Barrel Pinot Noir | Glass $8 Carafe $27
napa valley – bright cherry nose, delicate aromas of fresh mixed berries, layered with a touch of caramelized oak

Peregrine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon |Glass $9 | Carafe $31
2016, north coast, CA – full bodied, flavors of dark fruit and toasted wood



Monte Alegre Syrah Rose | Glass $7 | Carafe $23
an energetic nose of violets, roses and ripe red fruit. 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed