Craft Burgers

Half pound of Angus beef seasoned to perfection and cooked to pink or no pink, house-made black bean burger, grilled portabella or grilled chicken served with your choice of seasoned fries, spicy chips, bacon potato salad or jicama slaw and spicy picklin’.


Protein Options: Impossible Burger (add $5)


Jack cheese topped with fresh sliced avocado and Kreggers mango Pico de Gallo and cilantro lime cream sauce



Cheddar cheese topped with a fried portabella mushroom stuffed with Monterey Jack and Colby cheese placed upon Kreggers sauce with lettuce and tomatoes

$12.00 (Shroom only $9)

Red Eye

Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, sautéed jalapenos, sunny side up egg, topped with traditional Sriracha sauce


Classic Cheese Burger

Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, Kreggers special sauce



Spicy cream cheese, avocado, sauteed jalapenos, Habanero Mayo & red onion


B & B

Topped with cracked black pepper, Bleu cheese crumbles, fried onions, and Pepperconr Bacon



Cheddar Cheese topped with Kregger Texas brisket dripping in our Housemade Bourbon County BBQ sauce and Sautéed Jalapenos on Texas Toast



Kreggers take on PBJ, jalapeno grape jelly & creamy peanut butter, cheddar cheese for a taste eruption, add bacon for $1.50



Pimento jack cheese, fried green tomato, peppercorn bacon, lettuce and remoulade sauce



Grilled pineapple, jalapeno relish, Monterey jack cheese and housemade bourbon county BBQ sauce


*May be cooked to order. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food born illness especially if you have certain medical conditions.