Here at Kreggers we switch out our kegs daily in order to have a variety of craft and local beers for our customers. Please check the draft list on our home page or call 299-2176 for the most up to date Tap List.

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Bud Light

American Light Lager 4.2% ABV 10 IBU , Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO - Brewed with a malt and hops ratio different from Budweiser for a distinctively crisp taste with fewer calories.

Bud Light Lime

American Light Lager 3.2% ABV 10 IBU , Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO - Light-bodied brew with a delicate malt sweetness; clean, crisp finish, and the taste of a fresh-squeezed lime for ultimate refreshment.


American Lager 5.0% ABV 10 IBU , Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO - Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavorful, and crisp with blended layers of premium American and European hop aromas.

Coors Light

American Light Lager 4.2% ABV 12 IBU , Coors Brewing Company Golden, CO - Coors Light has a nice, bright appearance when poured and a crisp, clean taste.

Hamm's Lager

American Lager 4.7% ABV , Hamm's Brewing Co. United States - A light-bodied lager designed with drinkability in mind.


International Pale Lager 5.0% ABV 23 IBU , Heineken Nederland B.V. Netherlands - Heineken's mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma, bright color and exceptional clarity are obtained using only the purest water, hops and barley malt.

Michelob Ultra

American Light Lager 4.2% ABV 10 IBU , Michelob St Louis, MO - Michelob Ultra appeals to beer drinkers interested in a superior tasting light beer that promotes an active, social lifestyle.

Miller Lite

American Light Lager 4.2% ABV 12 IBU , Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee, WI - Miller Lite is a pilsner-style beer brewed with choice hops, the finest blend of American-grown barley malts and pure, soft water.

Modelo Especial

International Pale Lager 4.4% ABV 3.2 IBU , Cervecería Modelo Tijuana, Mexico - With inspiration from traditional German brewmasters, we created a consistently crisp and well-balanced beer that we fittingly named Modelo Especial.


Non-Alcoholic Beer 0.5% ABV 5 IBU , Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO - O'Doul's is a premium non-alcohol brew featuring a deep, golden color, a light hop and spice aroma, and a mild, sweet taste.

Omission Lager

Gluten-Free Lager 4.6% ABV 20 IBU , Omission Brewing Portland, OR - Omission Lager’s aromatic hop profile offers a unique, easy-drinking beer for those looking for a lighter and approachable beer style.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

American Lager 4.6% ABV 10 IBU , Pabst Brewing Company Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Blue Ribbon is brewed in the finest traditions of an American Premium Lager dating back to 1844.

Stella Artois Lager

International Pale Lager 5.2% ABV 25 IBU , Stella Artois Leuven, Belgium - One of the World's best selling beers, enjoyed in more than 80 countries. Low malt sweetness with a crisp finish.


Shiner Bock

Dunkles Bock 4.4% ABV 13 IBU , Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner) Shiner, TX - Shiner Bock is a distinctive, rich, full-flavored, deep amber-colored beer with an inviting smooth taste without excessive bitterness.


Bold Rock Virginia Apple

Common Cider 4.7% ABV , Bold Rock Hard Cider Nellysford, VA - A refreshing drink with medium body and wine-like apple flavor.


Blue Moon Belgian White

American Wheat Beer 5.4% ABV 9 IBU , Blue Moon Brewing Co. Golden, CO - Brewed with oats and spiced with orange peel and coriander. An unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition.


Guinness Draught

Irish Stout 4.2% ABV 40 IBU , St. James Gate (Guinness) Dublin, Ireland - Is made from water, barley, roast malt extract, hops, and brewer’s yeast. An old and firm favourite.


Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

Fruit Beer 4.1% ABV 12 IBU , Boulevard Brewing Company Kansas City, MO - Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler is a zesty, refreshing take on the tradition of mixing beer with soda or lemonade to create a light, thirst-quenching beverage ideal for warm weather.


Orange Whip

Henry’s Hard Orange Soda and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Not Your Father's Root Beer Float

Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Vanilla Ice Cream and Rumchata.

Rummy Float

Rumchata, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Root Beer.